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Rene Castro, founder of Retirement Wealth Management, is an extremely passionate teacher as well as dedicated student of Retirement Wealth Management Strategies. For the last 20+ years, he has worked collaboratively with CPAs, Enrolled Tax Agents, Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, Estate Attorneys, Tax attorneys and other professionals to help provide his clients a comprehensive retirement wealth management process.

Rene and his team love to educate and help their clients learn and implement powerful wealth management plans so they can enjoy their ideal retirement lifestyle many times quicker than they ever thought possible.

“My firm’s mission,” Rene says, “is to help quality people enjoy a quality lifestyle in retirement by utilizing our team of professionals and our six-step Retirement Wealth Management Process™, designed to help them define and experience a stress-free retirement.

“Our team of professionals includes my wife, Diane, and son, Steven, and Rick Martinez. It’s a case of our family helping yours.”

Because of the Retirement Wealth Management team’s dedication in empowering their clients to achieve their goals and dreams, its clients are more than happy to refer those they care most about.

Away from work, Rene is active in the community through his church and various civic improvement groups. The foremost goal of Rene and Diane is to leave a living legacy by helping their kids and grand kids to grow in their faith and have a strong work and community service ethic. Rene and Diane cherish nice BBQs in their backyard with family and friends.